Western Australian based company comes to Allflo for assistance with their primary asset

Western Australian based company comes to Allflo for assistance with their primary asset

A large Western Australian based company was paying a large amount of rental costs for the hire of equipment on their mine in the Eastern Goldfields Region and were feeling that they were not getting the service they required. This led the client to seek out an alternate pump solutions provider, Allflo.

 A pump was needed for one of their bores that extended 100 metres below the surface. However, there were some challenges associated with finding the right piece of equipment for this complex task. The water quality on site is hypersaline, meaning that it is twice as salty as sea water. As such the pump needed to be able to withstand such conditions due to the high level of difficult logistics required in replacing it.

After previous dealings with Allflo the client was pleased the with the level of service and expertise offered to them and decided to return to Allflo for their bore-pump requirement. Allflo sales staff and engineers listened to the clients’ requirements and provided them with a complete bore system package fit for their objectives.

A super duplex stainless steel bore pump and motor were selected to be able to handle the hypersaline water onsite and the complete bore headwork was fabricated inhouse out of stainless-steel water to ensure that the solution provided a long service life.

Due to this bore being critical to supplying water to the clients crushing plant, they relied heavily on the knowledge of Allflo to provide them with a solution that worked and was reliable. If this bore pump were to fail or stop working it would see significant downtime costs. Failure was not an option.

There were challenges that arose during the planning, manufacturing, and implementing of this system but Allflo always took charge of these challenges and solved the issues as they arose. Because of this Allflo ensured as smooth of an experience as possible for the client from initial concept to design, manufacture and supply.

In the close of this project Allflo ensured that the client got exactly what they required on site, ensured that their hire costs were removed which resulted in less overheads, a simpler pumping experience and potentially increasing productivity and reliability at their site.

Overall, this project was a large achievement for both Allflo and our valued client.

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