Submersible & Genset Package

Submersible & Genset Package

Allflo had a client that needed to upgrade their submersible pumping system that was pumping run-off water back to the plant. The client wanted to be able to start and stop the pump remotely via a SMS system.

Allflo worked with the client to design a solution that allowed them to start the pump remotely via a simple SMS start system.

Due to the site having no main power available, Allflo supplied a diesel generator that was controlled by a custom-built electrical panel. The panel allows for the pump to be varied in speed depending on the alarm and to shut down with any loss of water to protect the pump from running dry.

While the new system was being manufactured, the client needed a pump to get them out of trouble and keep the plant operational.

Allflo were able to supply a Remko 4'' auto-prime pump to fill the void. Our rental fleet means clients can have peace of mind that we have their back and can keep them operational.

The total package included:

  • Remko 100mm heavy duty submersible pump
  • Cummins silenced diesel generator
  • Custom made control panel
  • SMS remote starting system
  • Overhead gantry winch for pump
  • Discharge pipework


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