Self Priming Pumps

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Robust and heavy duty to meet the demands of the construction, agriculture, mining and rental industries 

Ideally suited for industrial applications including: steel and paper mills, abattoirs, mines food and chemical processing plants, construction industry, dewatering trade waste and sewage handling 

Ideally Suited for industrial applications including: mine dewatering, trade waste, metal and timber mills, road construction, food and chemical processing plants. 

For Clean or slightly dirty water, also with solids up to 10mm grain size. Ideal for Irrigation, civil, industrial and for draining a basin or sump. 

RT Series

  • Heavy Duty
  • Sizes: 50 -300mm
  • Solids Handling to 76mm
  • Self Priming
  • Flow rates to 350 Litres per/sec
  • Heads to 43 metres
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RTH Series

  • Hi Pressure
  • Sizes: 80mm – 150mm
  • Solids Handling to 31mm
  • Self Priming
  • Flow Rates to 84 Litres per/sec
  • Heads to 62 metres
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Standpipe Pump Package

Get trucks filled quicker, dust settled and everyone back on the job faster, with Remko’s Standpipe Pump Packages. The pumps that come standard on water trucks are slow to get truck’s filled, causing a delay in productivity. The Remko Standpipe Pump is capable of filling a 15,000 litre truck in only 4 – 5 minutes! Plus, pumping can be commenced from the driver’s seat. Stop the pause in production, and implement a Remko Standpipe Pump Package today.

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RS Series Diesel Driven Standpipe Package
RS Series Diesel Driven Standpipe Package
Truck fill standpipe

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Remko Ripper

Remko Ripper eliminates the problem of clogging pumps

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