Vision Statement

To maintain our high level of reputation as a leader in
innovative solutions where our company is highly valued in
its designs and manufacture.


Have a passion for continuously changing to the needs of a
rapidly changing industry.

Mission Statement

"Remko is setting the standards, others try to follow."

Giving innovative solutions to create wealth for our Clients,
Employees and their Organizations.


Ensuring customer confidence, Whilst maintaining corporate
integrity and a high level of industry expectation.

Our Strength

Our experience is the key to our success, which is why
we have ensured that all our key Staff and Engineering
Management have extensive industry experience.

We have invested in high quality personnel to ensure
that we have the knowledge and expertise to provide
innovative advanced solutions required to deliver each

Remko Pumps is dedicated to professional
development within the organisation and encourages
the personal growth of all staff members.

People are the foundation of any business, which is why
we invest heavily to have the right people.

Our Core Principles & Values

All Remko Pumps staff members are guided by our core
principles and values.


  • Being honest with ourselves and within all business activities
  • Being loyal to the business and the products we represent
  • Apply our experience and skills to create sustainable solutions for our clients
  • Recognise that our clients have trusted us with providing them with the right solutions
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Deliver effective solutions that suit and serve our clients needs and values
  • To have a solid lasting foundation
  • Remko's Way Of Doing Business

    Procuring orders, Goods and Services with Integrity.

    Inspiring the trust of others

    Our Customers, our Suppliers, our Employees and Business Partners.

    It may seems like second nature, but!! It takes a conscious effort and strong
    commitment by each of us to do what we say we’re going to do……..
    and then do it in the right way.

    Fortunately Remko has a well-earned reputation for living
    our values. It’s our way of doing business.

    We must stay in the lead, we can’t relax.

    This is the key reason why Remko is valued so
    highly in the marketplace.

    We all have the responsibility to protect and build upon the
    legacy and reputation for Integrity.

    This is the Flagship of Remko Pumps and its Industries.

    Inspiring the trust of others

    In order to continue to earn the trust of our Customers and also our
    suppliers, we must conduct all of our business with integrity and i
    accordance with the ethical standards of Remko.


    Remko Pumps. Renowned for their reliability. A lasting investment

    Solutions for a better future


    Being the best takes determination, dedication and a desire for excellence. Using up-to-date technology and extensive research puts us ahead.


    Renowned for their reliable robust operation, every product is subject to rigorous stringent testing and re-testing requirements. Using up-to-date technology and rugged construction materials, Remko Pumps are built to last. We guarantee we will provide the performance, quality and power you need.


    Remko is supported by an extensive range of spare parts and accessories to keep your equipment performing at its best.


    • Civil Construction
    • Building Construction
    • Mining Industry
    • Councils and Government Water Authorities
    • Food Processing Industry
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Pump Retailers
    • Abattoirs
    • Hire Companies Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Fire Contractors
    • Plumber / Plumping Stores
    • Mechanical Services


    • Industrial Waste
    • Flood Water
    • Sewage
    • Fire Fighting
    • Pressure Boosting
    • Manure Slurry
    • Solids Handling
    • Petro-Chemical
    • Trade Waste De-Watering
    • Sludge Transfer
    • Environmental Clean-up
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