RS Series

The Remko RS Series Self Priming Pumps are best suited where trash and solids are present. Ideal for storm water, waste water, raw sewage to construction dewatering.

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RT Series

The Remko RT Series Self Priming Pumps are best suited where trash and solids are present. Ideal for storm water, waste water, raw sewage to construction dewatering.

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RTH Series

The Remko RTH Series self Priming Pumps are best suited for high pressure applications where small solids are present. Ideal for mine dewatering, trade waste, food to chemical processing.

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RCMT Series

The Remko RCMT Series are a closed-coupled centrifugal pump with closed impeller and rapid priming design ideal for clean or slightly dirty water with solids up to 15mm* grain side 

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Looking for a Self-Priming Sludge Pump?

If you are in need of a self priming pumps supplier, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Remko, one of Australia’s most loved and most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of self-priming pumps. A self priming pump offers the potential for increased operating efficiencies which is a highly desirable trait for workers and business owners like yourself.

Why waste time manually inserting the fluid required to start the pumping process when you can purchase a pump that self primes? By trapping the necessary start-up liquid in the pump’s chamber or body, our fantastic range of self priming pumps are ready to go as soon as you switch them on.

Why Choose Remko as Your Self-Priming Pump Manufacturer & Supplier?

Of all self priming pump manufacturers, few can compare to us here at Remko. With generations of industry knowledge, we manufacture and supply some of the best products on the market and are proud to have become a highly renowned pump supplier in Australia. When you choose Remko, you receive:

Strong moral values

The team at Remko go above and beyond to service the needs of our customers, working with honesty and loyalty at all times. Utilising our in-depth knowledge and experience, we listen to your needs and offer reliable solutions.

Industry-leading products

We are continuously improving and enhancing our products to suit the needs of all customers. Creating sustainable solutions, we deliver effective solutions comprised of industry leading pumps. All of our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that you receive only the best in performance, quality and power.

Ongoing support

When you choose Remko, not only do you receive fantastic pumps, but you also benefit from an ongoing service. With a dedicated team on hand, your self priming pump is supported by a comprehensive range of parts and accessories to ensure it always runs at its best.

An Extensive Range of Self Priming Pumps

We understand that when it comes to the industry, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Working alongside you and your business, we ascertain your exact needs and offer products that best suit your requirements. With a comprehensive range of self-priming pumps, you will find a wide variety of sizes, speeds and functions within our collections.

From jobs requiring high-pressure application such as mine dewatering, road construction and trade waste, choose a pump from our RTH Series. For clean water jobs such as drainage and irrigation, browse our RCMT collection. Whatever the use, we have you covered here at Remko.

Don’t Delay, Browse Our Collections of Self-Priming Sludge Pumps Now!

For quality products and personal service, choose Remko. Offering much more than any other self priming pumps supplier, we care about your experience and provide expert pumping advice alongside top of the range, reliable solutions.

Browse our self priming pump collections today or speak to our friendly team to discuss how we are able to meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Read Less

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