Submersible Pumps

Drainage Pump

Remko Drainage Pumps are keeping basements dry, carparks drained and industry in production. These tough performers are built to the highest standard to guarantee a lasting investment.

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Vortex Pump

Remko Vortex Pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids with soft or fibrous solids in suspension. From residential dwellings to demanding industrial processes, Remko Vortex Pumps perform quietly and solidly every day.

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Sewage Cutter Pump

Remko Sewage Cutter Pumps provide powerful and effective sewage disposal. The tungsten carbide cutting blade maintains optimum cutting efficiency. Remko Sewage Cutter Pumps are proven performers, ideal in installations containing soft or fibrous solids that require shredding to prevent clogging in discharge pipework.

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Sewage Grinder Pump

Remko Sewage Grinder Pumps are a safe, dependable selection that will keep you pumping – trouble free, for years. With no compromise on engineering, quality or reliability, they are the tough solution for even the most demanding installations. The efficient grinder mechanism provides an extremely powerful slicing action – the radial cutter and cutter ring dramatically reduces torque and kilowatt (horsepower) requirements, making it the most effective grinder pump available.

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Single Channel

Remko heavy-duty wastewater and sewage pumps are engineered for extreme durability and reliability, this combined with their outstanding quality makes them ideal for the most demanding applications. Each pump has been through stringent quality, precision and performance testing throughout production resulting in a superior line of pumps that you can trust.

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316 Stainless Steel Pump

Remko 316 Stainless Steel Pumps a re ideal for corrosive and aggressive liquids. Available in three versions including Drainage, Vortex and non-clog single vane impellers, Remko has an ideal selection for many applications. Relied on by major dairy, food and beverage manufacturers, the aggressive recycling industries, mines and chemical processors, Remko can save you money through reduced downtime and increased reliability.

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Dewatering Pump

Remko Dewatering Pumps are portable dewatering pumps with many design features that maximise durability and versatility. The High Chromium impeller and suction cover are case hardened to Rockwell 60C – this provides maximum abrasion resistance. Double hard face oil lubricated mechanical seals with an additional lip seal provides superior motor sealing. Corrosion resistant stainless steel secondary pump housing promises a lasting investment. Some models are available with a suction agitator to assist maintaining solids in suspension.

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Amphibious Pump

Remko Amphibious Pumps are suitable for submersible, semi-submersible and dry mount installations. Remko Amphibious Pumps are portable clean water pumps with unique design features that maximise durability and versatility.

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Axial Flow

The concept of utilising a submersible pump system is favoured due to the reduction or elimination of superstructure, noise, cooling issues, installation and operation costs. Remko Axial Flow Pumps are compact high performance pumps. They benefit with design features that reduce maintenance requirements and maximise reliability.

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Heavy Duty Drainage/Solids Pump

Semi open impeller design with premium cast iron housing, high chrome impeller and wear plate for maximum durability. For building sites, concrete plants and quarries, basements, rainwater, muddy and high abrasive drainage water applications.

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Need a Mechanical Diaphragm Pump?

There are some jobs which standard pumps simply aren't made to deal with. They are great for free-flowing water and liquids and tend to be relatively inexpensive. However, if these kinds of pumps are used for more heavy-duty purposes, their effectiveness can deteriorate rapidly and, dependent on the job, you might actually damage them. When you have denser liquids, aggressive chemicals or groundwater which is likely to contain solids, what you need is a mechanical diaphragm pump.

These are the kinds of pumps that displace high viscosity liquids and solids by using two diaphragms. By compressing the air and separating it from the fluid, a diaphragm pump can force liquid with greater velocity than standard pumps. What's more, because they are created with heavy-duty materials, they can deal with industrial and domestic waste without compromising hygiene or health.

Highly Customisable

When we create mechanical diaphragm pumps, we are drawing on nearly a hundred years of experience. With four family generations all involved with the pumping industry since the 1920s, Remko has built on that experience. We've utilised links made with global manufacturers to select only the best components for our pumps and assemble them right here in Australia. Our team is passionate about providing top-quality pumping solutions for our clients employing the most advanced research and up-to-date technology available.

Our mechanical diaphragm pumps are a testament to this. These pumps use a heavy-duty construction and a belt drive and are useful for many different applications and have the benefit of self-priming capability to keep them ready for use at a moment’s notice. They feature:

  • Between 25mm and 76mm connections.
  • Nominal flow rates of between 16 and 210 litres per minute.
  • Weights between 25kg and 72kg.
  • Either electrical, petrol or diesel fuelled.
  • Hard-wearing materials including cast iron and stainless steel for the casing, ports, and valves.
  • Material options of Buna-N, Polyurethane, Neoprene or Viton for the diaphragms.

These pumps have been immensely popular with some of the most intensive applications, which have included excavations, desludging, priming centrifugal pumps and oil skimming, to name but a few. But we are always ready to offer mechanical diaphragm pumps to Australia, which aren't just off the shelf.

We offer a complete mechanical diaphragm pump design service to all our customers so that if you need something specific to your project, we can build for you from scratch. We have a huge arsenal of spares, replacements, and unique components which we use to build custom pumps for our clients, equipment that is designed to work for their project alone. Furthermore, we can offer you a competitive rate on servicing and repair, if you should ever need it, as well as installation services too!

Order Your Mechanical Diaphragm Pump Today

We are always ready to help a new customer. Whether you are just getting ready to begin excavation or are in desperate need of a new pump for your factory floor, you can count on us, as your pump supplier to respond quickly. Call us now to speak to our experts or fill out an enquiry form with as much detail as you have about your project, and we'll put together the right package for your requirements! Read Less

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