Emergency Back-Up Pumpset for Nauru Reverse Osmosis Plant

Emergency Back-Up Pumpset for Nauru Reverse Osmosis Plant

Remko has recently been involved in a project requiring an Emergency Back-up Pump Set.


The reverse osmosis plant on the island of Nauru supplying water to over 10,000 people had had one pump failure leaving one pump to operate with no back-up. Should the second pump have failed the residence on the island would have been without fresh water. The existing pumps were in need of an overhaul and a breakdown was imminent. So the contractor on the island approached Allflo Pumps the Australian distributor of Remko pumping equipment with the problem where a solution was concluded on to reduce the potential risk of so many people being without water.


A Remko Silenced Diesel Self-Priming Pump Package was manufactured and supplied. The pump was required to suck sea water from the ocean and deliver the salt water at 40l/s to the reverse osmosis plant through 400 metres of temporary heavy duty layflat hose also supplied by Remko Pumps. The RT-150-SS complete 316 Stainless Steel pump was selected for the duty and was in-stock in Australia, a huge advantage to the time critical project. The Remko pumpset was delivered in full with pipework and protection ramps on-time to the Brisbane airport ready for air freight to Nauru.

Thankfully the last remaining pump has held in operation and the residents on the island had access to fresh water. They would also now be relieved that there is a back-up plan should the main supply pumps fail.

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