Acid Trade Waste Pump Solution

Acid Trade Waste Pump Solution

Remko were recently used by chemical processing plant, who had a critical application to overcome any problem that may occur as a result of an acid spill.

The application was pumping diluted Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid into a pipe line that had numerous pumps all pumping into the same common discharge line.

Remko Pumps designed and manufactured a complete package using 316 stainless steel materials. The package included Remko 316 stainless steel self priming pumps all mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel base and mounted in a stainless steel bunded area so that acids were contained if there were leaks.
Pipe work and valves were fabricated and installed on site. Remko Pumps was able to meet the stringent requirements. Pump set commissioned and running at 18 litres per second at 220 kpa.

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