Productivity on worksites is not always high, and sometimes this is unavoidable. But unproductive labour has a negative effect on the bottom line, and should be avoided when possible. One such process which causes a lag in labour is the filling of trucks that are then used to spray and settle dust on the work site.

The standard pumps that come on trucks fill the trucks extremely slowly, and in this time labourers often have no choice but to wait for the truck to fill before they can commence with spraying the dust.

Used on a variety of work sites, commonly in civil construction and mining sites, these pumps and trucks are integral to the work. This is an important application for these sites as it minimises work site dust, which then affects residential areas, commercial areas and also the labourers working at the site. The pumping of water into the truck is the first step to reduce on-site dust, however, this is a key step that often slows down production.

Having worked with many civil contractors in the past, we understand the issues that come with pumping of water into the trucks. This is often a slow process, because the pumps on the trucks are slow. Remko Pumps and Equipment have a dust suppression stand pipe which is able to fill trucks significantly faster than the standard truck pumps.

With the dust suppression standpipe pump, a 15,000L truck can be filled in only 4 – 5 minutes. Not only that, but the pumping can be started from the inside of the truck cab, which offers huge work-site efficiencies. By reducing the time it takes to fill the truck, workers can commence spraying dust faster and re-filling if required. This process, which usually puts various workers on-hold indefinitely while the process is completed, is now completed faster, getting different teams back to work.

At Remko Pumps and Equipment, we aim to improve our clients work sites, whether this is simplifying the process, improving efficiencies or making savings to the bottom line. If you have an upcoming project that you think will benefit from this new pump, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team, who will be able to discuss your options and further explain how this pump can improve your work site operations.

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