The government and government bodies have multifaceted responsibilities that vary in size, location, and kind. Their duties cover everything from civil infrastructure, water treatment plants, protective services, and so on. Keeping the buildings and projects running smoothly can be a great challenge. However, it is a challenge made easier by utilising the right tools and equipment – including pumps.

  1. Auto prime pumps

The government’s essential infrastructure projects vary greatly in size. Civil construction needs versatile equipment that can rise to the challenge to ensure such projects are successful. Auto prime pumps have the ability to prime themselves, making them suitable for setting and forgetting. From mine and quarry dewatering, construction dewatering and civil construction through to river bypass, stand pipe pumps and flood relief, auto prime pumps are suitable for various applications. As they are simple to operate, these pumps are ideal when priming issues need to be eliminated.

  1. Pressure Booster Pump Packages

Water is undoubtedly essential to our survival and the survival of our society. Ensuring we have access to water requires powerful and smooth operating equipment. Pressure booster pump packages are designed to increase water pressure when necessary, which can be useful for residential mains water and irrigation sprinklers. Pressure booster pump packages can be manufactured to suit various residential and commercial applications, including town water supply systems.

  1. Fire Protection Pump Sets

Fire can cause untold damage to a property before one even realises it’s even happening. Fires cannot only put people at risk, but could also endanger the storage of sensitive data. Fires not only put the general public’s safety at risk, but it also risks those in prisons and hospitals escaping. As such, having effective fire equipment is essential.

Fire protection pump sets are designed specifically to be used in all kinds of commercial and residential buildings, from apartment complexes and hospitals to caravan parks, prisons, schools and so on and so forth. Fires need to be put out as soon as possible to prevent injury and damage, therefore, utilising the right equipment is essential in keeping people and property safe.

  1. Dosing and Metering pumps

Most things are a science, including managing our waste. When mixing chemicals and substances, precise measurements must be made to ensure the right amount is used in the mixture which in turn will help avoid any unwanted reactions or wastage of chemicals. Advanced diaphragm metering pumps in particular can be used to accurately and reproducibly provide chemical dosing for a variety of industrial applications, including, pH, ORP and chlorine.

  1. Oil/Water Separator

Councils and government bodies need to set the precedent of high standards when it comes to everything connected to their work, including their vehicles and machinery. The separation of oil and water is done so the elements can be probably disposed of or recycled without negatively affecting what has been collected elsewhere. Disposing of oil in the storm water drain will negatively affect the environment and cause problems further down the treatment process as water combined with oil is tainted and cannot be properly recycled. The elements therefore must be separated and dealt with accordingly.

Oil and water do not mix and when they come into contact with each other at sufficiently high temperatures the water expands and disbands the oil. This can ultimately cause complications for machinery. By using oil/water separators the government can minimise the risk of incurring costly fines or experiencing unnecessary shutdowns. Oil/water separators are useful for various applications where water commonly comes into contact with oil, including fuel stations, oil tank farms, vehicle wash bays and power stations. Additionally, they’re suitable for transport and fleet operations, council depots and car park run-offs.

High quality and durable equipment means the difference between a success and failure. It can also mean the difference between exceptional and mediocre quality of work. Ultimately, if you wish to maximise your end result, then you need to invest the time and money in high quality equipment to work for you, just as you invest in high calibre workers. Pumps are exceptional, versatile pieces of equipment with various applications that suit a wide range of industries.

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