About Us


Procuring orders, Goods and Services with Integrity.

Inspiring the trust of others

Our Customers, our Suppliers, our Employees and Business Partners.


It may seems like second nature, but!! It takes a conscious effort and strong commitment by each of us to do what we say we’re going to do…….. and then do it in the right way.


Fortunately Remko has a well-earned reputation for living our values. It’s our way of doing business.


We must stay in the lead, we can’t relax.


This is the key reason why Remko is valued so highly in the marketplace.


We all have the responsibility to protect and build upon the legacy and reputation for Integrity.


This is the Flagship of Remko Pumps and its Industries.


Why is this Important? 

In order to continue to earn the trust of our Customers and also our suppliers, we must conduct all of our business with integrity and in accordance with the ethical standards of Remko.