Emergency Back-Up Pumpset for Nauru Reverse Osmosis Plant

Remko has recently been involved in a project requiring an Emergency Back-up Pump Set.

Problem:   The reverse osmosis plant on the island of Nauru supplying water to over 10,000 people had had one pump failure leaving one pump to operate with no back-up. Should the second pump have failed the residence on the island would have been without fresh water. The existing pumps were in need of an overhaul and a breadown was imminent. So the contractor on the island approached Allflo Pumps the Australian distributor of Remko pumping equipment with the problem where a solution was concluded on to reduce the potential risk of so many people being without water.

Solution: A Remko Silenced Diesel Self-Priming Pump Package was manufactured and supplied. The pump was required to suck sea water from the ocean and deliver the salt water at 40l/s to the reverse osmosis plant through 400 metres of temporary heavy duty layflat hose also supplied by Allflo Pumps. The RT-150-SS complete 316 Stainless Steel pump was selected for the duty and was in-stock in Australia, a huge advantage to the time critical project. The Remko pumpset was delivered in full with pipework and protection ramps on-time to the Brisbane airport ready for air freight to Nauru.

Thankfully the last remaining pump has held in operation and the residents on the island had acess to fresh water. They would also now be relieved that there is a back-up plan should the main supply pumps fail.

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Remko Trade Waste Pumps for New Dairy Manufacturing Facilities in Australia.

Recently Remko was approached by an industrial pump company that was engaged in the design and specification of various trade waste pumps required for a new dairy production factory within Australia.


The Remko RT and RTH, self-priming, solids handling pumps soon became the obvious choice for the plant.


The Remko’s key features of solids handing, self priming, hard faced mechanical seals, the ability to dry run & re-prime if prime is lost, robust construction, fitted with stainless steel trim for the impeller, wear plate & seal plate along with the fact that this pump is fully supported here in Australia with spares & pumps held in large quantities. These features sets the Remko pump apart from its competitors.

All these Remko pump benefits combined with the latest design technology from our clients in-house design team to fit the pumps on heavy duty anti-flex bases, specific load rated couplings, supplied with pressure relief valves for pump protection, all manufactured, assembled, tested & supplied from the our clients production facility, to meet stringent deadlines.

Remko are 100% committed to there clients and are happy to help out with all types of design work.

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Remko Auto Prime Dewatering Pumps

Remko adds an auto prime pump to their ever expanding range of self-priming trash and dewatering pumps.

The new Remko Dry-Prime Pump System is exclusive to Allflo Pumps in Australia. This Dry-Prime System eliminates the need to fill the pump with water to obtain initial prime at start-up.

This unique dry-prime system is available in pump sizes from 50mm to 450mm with capacities up to 690 l/s and heads to 131 metres. The solids handling ability is up to 100mm.

The Remko Dry-Prime Pump Systems can be close coupled, long coupled, diesel driven, skid or trailer mounted and even acoustic enclosed. The Exclusive Remko Dry-Prime System has the advantage of not spilling any pump fluids during priming.



Waste Treatment: Force main pumping, sewer bypasses, mud or solids in suspension, dosing neutralizing liquids, pumping out settled sludge
Construction: Wellpoint installation, equipment wash down, pilings, pre-wet operations.
Industrial: Water jetting and blasting, piping system surcharging and pressure testing, waste pumping, flood drainage, fire fighting, transfer of clean or dirty liquids, mud or solids in suspension.
Mining: Wash-down operations, tailings, high head/high volume applications, dewatering.

Call Remko today on 1800 333 424 for a price on your Auto Prime Dewatering Pumps.

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Enclosed Pumpset

A project in Albury NSW required a Remko Booster Pumpset in a neat enclosure. The place the consulting engineer wanted the Booster Pump situated was right next to a footpath, at the front of the building.

Remko provided the contractor with a fully enclosed booster package with lockable doors down the side for ease of maintenance and servicing and a front perspex lockable panel to view the Control Panel.
These packages are very well presented with colors to match the site requirements.

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Remko Dewatering Pumpset

Storm Water Flood Relief Pump for town drainage. Pumps are Self Priming Pumps with trash handling capability. Pump variable speed on level control with submersible pressure transducer, pumping from a wet well.

Shire City Council choose Remko Pumps for the solution to this project, because of the reputation Remko has in the market.

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Remko Suppling the Hire Market

Remko has designed and built pumpsets for the Hire/Rental Markets.

  • Acoustic Enclosed down to 65 dba
  • Skid Mounted
  • Open sets with or without weather protection roof
  • Trailer mounted single/dual axle
  • Mining Spec Pumps
  • Custom built designs
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Fire Protection Pumps Using Remko Centrifugal Pumps

A project in Melbourne called for a three stage combined fire protection pumpsets to meet a specific specification.  The contractor choose Remko Centrifugal and Remko Vertical Multi-stage Pumps to meet the demanding application.
The system included dual diesel driven fire protection pumps mounted on baseplates with jacking pumps, fuel tanks, roll groeve pipe work, control panel and gauges.
The system: Care was taken to meet each detailed requirement to the relevant standards required.

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Remko Diaphragm Pump

Remko Diaphragm Pumps were recently used in a Carwash Recycling Water Treatment System in Southern NSW. Allflo pumps designed a complete recycling system that transferred the water from underground tanks to above ground holding tanks via Remko Diaphragm Pumps used on an Envirotech Stainless Steel oil water separators which separates oil via a unique vertical coalescing tubes. The system managers closing of coagulant, media filtration, ozone disinfection and associated equipment.

The System is capable of treating 6000 Litres per hour.

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Acid Trade Waste Pumpset

Remko Pumps were recently used by chemical processing plant, who had a critical application to overcome any problem that may occur as a result of an acid spill.
The application was pumping diluted Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid into a pipe line that had numerous pumps all pumping into the same common discharge line.
Remko Pumps designed and manufactured a complete package using 316 stainless steel materials. The package include Remko 316 stainless steel self priming pumps all mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel base and mounted in a stainless steel bunded area so that acids were contained if there were leaks.
Pipe work and valves were fabicrated and installed on site. Remko Pumps was able to meet the stringent requirements. Pump set commissioned and running at 18 litres per second at 220 kpa.

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